Picasa video upload script

As we know, Picasa is a Google's product that allow us to upload and manage photos and videos. It also has an API for developer to access their services. Unfortunately, Picasa API only allow you to upload video file that smaller than 100MB. You can’t upload a video larger than 100MB.

You can see it here: Picasa Video Limitations

But, I found a way to by pass it. I wrote a python script that can upload videos with any size to picasa and unlimited storage. Wow... :D
If you're movies site management, you definitely looking for this script. So this is what my script can do :
  • Upload video files with any size to picasa
  • Unlimited storage
  • Return the picasa video's information
VIP features :
  • Upload a video folder to picasa
  • Scan folder and upload new files
  • Scan picasa link, detect broken link and upload again
Click here for a Demo

This is paid script, please contact me if you need it. picasa.script@gmail.com
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